Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Black Books fan piece is fini!

Well here we are. Another day, another hand cramp. I did some minor grocery shopping with my mama and then she very kindly brought me lunch after her hair cut appointment. There's this great little restaurant right by apartment. They make gyros and reubens and fried eggplant sandwiches and all sorts of good things. My mom knows the people who own it and we give it more patronage than anywhere else in town.

So I finished my big piece with the Black Books quote and I must say it looks marvelous. I put the pattern up for sale in my Etsy shop and the border makes a good frame for all manner of quotes, quite long ones too if you use a more space-conscious font. In the next few days I'll be posting more patterns in my shop including a Miyazaki motif set, flower motif set, and the Chicks Before Dicks and Assumption is the Mother of All Fuck Ups patterns.

The weather is giving me problems. First it was difficult because it went from hot to chill too quickly, and now the heat oppresses me. Something about the pressure or I don't know what, affects me even when inside a well air-conditioned apartment. Unless it's about to rain it mainly just makes me tired. The kind of exhaustion that you just can't fight. Also my mom has my car while hers is getting repairs so even if I had the energy I couldn't go see my sister and her brood. I miss my nephew and how easy it is to be happy when I'm with him. He's my curly-headed angel and he loves his auntie, luckily for me.

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