Friday, June 24, 2011

a fine day for sailing

So Go Sailor is happy, snappy, bubblegummish sort of band with some lyrics that have sinister tones. I like that in my music. It's like my needlework, traditional and sweet but with sinister/snarky quotes. Really that's basically me in a nut shell. So sweet and young looking (people mostly assume I'm no older than 19) but also a bit sinister.

Granted when I showed this piece to my mother she just sort of made a noise and gave me a look, but being a sinister young lady I'm used to that. Instead of selling this piece it will go into my bank of items for my eventual perfectly decorated dressing room. You know, for when I have a dressing room. It will be in the grand Addams Family style of things.

I also finished my cross stitch pattern of the Liverpool Football Club crest thingy. It's not the full huge giant affair with torches and the "you'll never walk alone" nonsense, just the basic shield design and founding date. I don't have any particular reason to support Liverpool but my dad always did, so I always do. Anyway, the pattern will be up in my store in the next few days.