Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Revolting Old Soak

I quite like how this piece turned out! I realize I say that a lot but I like most of my work, to be honest. Needlework is what I'm good at and I don't think there's anything wrong with being proud of my talents.

The appointment today went much better than I'd originally expected. On the other hand he wants to me have a bunch of tests that I already had some years ago. One of them, an EMG, is extremely painful and he wants me to have it in all my limbs on the same day. It's not just painful, it leaves you physically weak. When I had it on my arms before I couldn't buckle my seat belt or hold a sandwich. Having it in all my limbs on one day is a recipe for disaster. It's also stupid since EMGs check for nerve damage and the disease I have doesn't cause nerve damage, and all my EMGs were completely utterly normal before.

Hopefully I can convince the doctor doing it to spread it over two appointments, but doctors, in my experience, tend to have no talent for empathy or compassion. It's so wrong. They're doctors, they should be extra empathetic, that should be a requirement! Blugh.

In other fabulous news my car died. So now I get to return to being literally trapped in my apartment and relying on my mother to take me to run errands.