Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Rules finished

Here is the absolutely finished image for my family rules pattern (which is for sale in my Etsy shop, and I'll personalize it for free). Once personalized the pattern is completely square, which makes me happy. This one is going to my aunt Betsy for her step-daughter's family.

I've altered the pattern ever so slightly to be more more even spaced, because I can not leave anything alone, ever.

Now I've gotten started on another napkin that matches one of my tea cups. It's the one for the Royal Winton Queen Anne pattern and I'm going to cover the entire napkin. It will take a long time (the stitches are barely 2 mm across) and is already frustrating the life out of me. I'll take a picture of my progress tomorrow.

I think I'll start another humorous project too, to give me breaks from the napkin (which my eyes will need!).

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