Sunday, January 8, 2012

no more funny

Well I finished the A.D. Wintle piece. I think it turned out really well. That might be something I keep for myself. I really don't get attached to keeping my finished pieces, even the ones I absolutely love. I just have a need to obsessively stitch in order to distract myself, so I do.

I'm going to do the family rules pattern in shades of blue, with the non-red parts of the flowers in the darkest navy. I think that will be nice but I'm feeling a bit hesitant about it. Given that it's a family/happy thing I don't want to do it in just black and red.



  1. If it were my design I'd do each "rule" in a different color, but that's me. Do whatever feels right to you.

    Do you graph your patterns by hand or do you have a computer program? I have a cross stitch design program and I love how it lets me easily try out different things.

  2. Yeah, that's my intention, but with each word/phrase in a different shade of blue. That way it's not all over the place/hard to match to decor, but each 'rule' stands out. I did the one for my sister in different shades of red but of course can't do that with this pattern. Green and red = blech, so blue it had to be.

    I don't have a specific program. I have a large graph paper image file and I just use a photoshop-like program to fill in the squares. Plus that way I can layer the graph paper over an image file and lower the transparency so I can easily make my patterns based on other images.