Monday, January 30, 2012

Napkin madness...

Remember my tea napkins which match my tea cups? Well I've finally started on my fifth one. It will match my Royal Winton Queen Anne tea cup and saucer, the pattern of which IS a cross-stitch pattern! Since it's a chintz (all-over pattern) tea cup I'm doing the napkin as chintz as well.

This means it will take bloody forever. I decided to measure the stitches and each one is 1mm square. My eyes and hands shall hate me for weeks, but oh well. It will be absolutely glorious when finished and that's what counts. It's also difficult since you have to look back at the pattern every three seconds, there's no steady stitching to be done.

Haven't decided yet what to do as a normal "not killing my eyes" pattern to use as a break between chintzing.

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