Sunday, January 1, 2012


This is me! Happy New Year!
Well I finally started on another project. I also made two things that I forgot to take pictures of before they were sent out. So I've been doing stuff, just nothing that I could eventually post here.

I've also worked on a number of big new patterns and went through my entire Etsy store. I've reduced the prices on a lot of things (usually only by $1). 

I also posted a big 'family rules'/'rules to live by' pattern. I've seen a lot of those as posters, but they usually had a few sentiments that jarred me and the layouts were never interesting enough. Thus I had to create my own!

Right now it's the only such cross-stitch pattern on Etsy, so hopefully it will sell well. It took freaking FOREVER. My obsessive perfectionism really came out on this one. Right now there's just the blurred image on the listing but I'm going to start on my own stitching of as soon as I finish my Captain Haddock (hopefully my Q-Snap extension kit will arrive quickly to make it easier).

So there he is so far and he should be done soon. It's a portrait style and I *think* I'm going to leave mine monochromatic like the original image is. Captain Haddock was basically my favorite part of Tintin as a kid.

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